Infrared heaters
from the manufacturer

Electric economical heaters.
Full heating of your room without extra costs.

Infrared heaters - efficient and reliable heating technology that gives off heat through infrared radiation. They are heating the room and surrounding objects directly without heating the air itself. The principle of operation of the heater does not imply circulation of heated air in the room, and hence the dust contained therein
Due to heating of surfaces, not the volume of air, comfortable room temperature is achieved with less energy consumed, which indicates the efficiency of this type of heaters. In addition, long-wave low-temperature infrared radiation is absolutely harmless; the wavelength is close to radiation of the human body, because the heat is perceived easily and comfortably.
Convection heating
Infrared heating

Advantages of our heaters

Energy saving
High efficiency of operation (about 95%)
Fast process stabilization
Fast heating of the room
High heat dissipation
Long service life
The possibility of using the automation system
Temperature control
Convenience and ease of installation
Ease of use
Modern, stylish design
Fine design
No maintenance required
Resistance to voltage drops
Use as a primary and secondary form of heating
Use of environmentally-friendly materials
Do not dry air
Do not emit combustion products
Fire safety
Resistance to mechanical damage
Creating favorable microclimate - ideal for children and people with allergies
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